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Rocket Bunny Toyota Celica

The Celica is one of those cars few would probably mind it coming back. The Japanese machine has been absent from the spotlights for long enough now to be missed, and the countless private projects with it at the center do nothing but further accentuate the longing.

Sometime not long ago, the Celica was one of Toyota’s longest running nameplates. It was introduced in 1970 as a two-door hardtop coupe with an accent of styling, and soldiered on for seven generation, well until the mid-2000s, when it was scrapped never to return again in official form.

The long production run and the high production numbers mean there are still enough Celicas to go around, and fans take comfort in knowing most of the time they are just a click away from the car of their dreams. Other take to computer software to give us glimpses of modernized, revived or tuned Celicas.

We’ve seen quite a number of Celica renderings over the years, some good, others not so much. The one here, penned in the virtual world by a Polish designer named Michal Dyrcz tries to again show how a last-generation Celica would look like with Rocket Bunny modifications on.

There’s more than one design in the gallery above, showing the Celica in various guises and with different body parts on, either in a simulated studio or on a city backdrop. Either very aggressive in black, or in a silvery-white sitting alongside the unmodified car, there’s a little something for anyone with a soft spot for the model.

As for an actual revival of the Celica coming from Toyota, all is silent. As soon as the Supra came back from the dead not long ago, there were hopes the Japanese would pull a similar stunt with this one too, but so far, aside for a filing with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office made a few years ago to protect the name on the American market, there’s no official news of that happening.

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