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Project Kancil: Engine Bay Clean Up

After 4 years been abused by me, my kancil engine bay is a disaster to see and to work with. The main reason of the oily/greasy engine bay is due to I have installed a small filter on the engine valve cover breather. Oil leak all over the place. The engine valve cover breather shall be connected to the intake manifold but there was a missing pipe when I got my car after the engine transplant. Take a look at the below picture.

Look at the dirty engine bay. Oil leak all over the place. So I got the myself a Meguiar's Engine Clean spray to clean it up.

First steps we needed to wrap all the places that might cause the engine not able to work preperly after water goes in.

Then, sprayed Meguiar's Engine Cleaner to the whole engine bay and start to brushed it.

And the end result, not really satisfying but still looks better.

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