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Project Celica: 4 New Rubbers

After years of using cheap tyres on my Toyota Celica, I thought to myself it is time for me to change a set of new tyres.  Initially I was thinking to get the Bridgestone RE003 or Michelin PS4. However Michelin PS4 cost me around RM650 each and Bridgestone RE003 cost me around RM600 during that time. So Bridgestone is the best bang of money. 

However after some researches done to check the best bang of money for 225/40/R18 tyres, I came to a point that Continental MC6 is pretty good as well. It just cost me RM538 each to be exact and it fitted my budget. 

Here is the chart and Continental MC6 outperformed Bridgestone RE003 in all the categories. 

If the chart does not tell lie, Michelin Pilot Sport 4 just slightly better than Continental MC6. To be frank, I never know that Continental tyres produces good tyres. Based on my knowledge, Continental mostly produces mid range tyres.

Thus I gave a call to my usual tyre shop and unfortunately the shop is not opened due to we are having Movement Control Order (MCO) during that time in Malaysia and all shops were ordered to close during that period. 

Fast forward a month and half later in mid of May, the COVID-19 infected cases went down and we moved to Conditional Movement Control Order (CMCO). During this state, some of the shops were allowed to open but must followed Standard Of Procedure (SOP).  Thus, this was a perfect time for me to get my tyres installed. 

Here are some photos of my car waiting for the tyres to be fitted on. 

The total damage: 
  • 4 x Continetal MC6 225/40/R18 = RM 2152 (RM 538 each)
  • Front and rear alignment = RM 60
  • Wheel balancing = FOC
  • Steel Valve = RM40 (RM 10 each)  

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