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Are You a Fan of This MX5 Speedster Concept?

The Mazda MX5 is often cited as one of the most fun small, two-seat convertibles that money can buy. Whilst they don't have the sheer grunt of their more expensive counterparts; The handling of the MX5 is widely praised and requires you to learn how to keep momentum and 'flow' between corners, rather than relying on sheer brute horsepower to keep you moving.

Whilst none of the MX5 generations are bad looking (this is subjective, of course!) speedsters are certainly in fashion at the moment, with Porsche being the most notable manufacturer to add one to their (admittedly special edition) lineup. Automotive artist Kasim Tlibekov makes a strong case for Mazda to do the same however... just look at these exquisite renderings.

Kasim appears to have used a mixture of NC and ND generations of MX5s to make this sublime creation. The front appears to have the trademark 'mouth' grille opening of the ND, whilst the rear bumper and plate/light recess are certainly NC. The doors meanwhile appear to be from the NB or NA, with the handles certainly from the latter.

The speedster styling looks absolutely fantastic on the MX5. Even though it is a combination of all the greatest parts from each generation, it is still unmistakably Mazda in its origins and would look fantastic tearing around a track or blasting along a twisting backroads - just remember to check the weather forecast first!

All renderings are courtesy of Kasim Tlibekov.

Source: drivetribe

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