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An EVO powered Proton Preve

For the first two years after the launch of Proton Preve, Proton's sales volume has reached to a higher level, proving that the new model is widely accepted. However without much technology innovation provided to the car, it was pretty hard to compete with other competitive brands. 

The Proton Preve is equipped with a CamPro CFE 1.6L turbo engine. It is good enough for normal usage but not for heavy-footed users such as the owner of this Proton  Preve. 

To replace the original engine, the owner decided to replace the engine with a more proven Mitsubishi 4G63T (you already knew where this engine from, right?). The engine has been upgraded with some parts. The boost is then cooled by the intercooler unit, complete with custom connection pipes. While the unused boost surplus will be carried through the GReddy release valve. Besides that, the engine now is managed by ECU Link 4G+ unit. 

To create a more stylish look, it is now paired with Varis-style custom body kit. Included in this package are custom built-in air hoses, hood and splitter, R3 front lip, GT Voltex spoiler, and Toyota Camry sunroof unit.

For the wheel setup, the Enkei RPF1 was equipped with 18-inch rims and wrapped with 235/40R18 Rovelo Road Racer R1 tire. The braking system now is upgraded with Toyota Aristo 4-pot brake set in the front. To ensure a more efficient operation, the entire suspension system is now replaced with a set ZerOne SSR700 adjustable suspension.

Most of the interior still remained  with the original component arrangement but a pair of red SSCUS Viper has replaced the original seats. Other additions include the use of GReddy meters, OMP bowl steering, and K-Tuned custom gear levers.

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