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00KBYE; 10 Second Widebody EVO IX | 4K

Quite often in the world of modified cars, we envisage what a build will look like when it gets to the finish line. As we set out on the long journey of modifying and building cars, it’s easy to overstretch and lose sight of our initial goals. We’re all too familiar with purchasing a daily car with slight mods in mind. Turn the chapter a few years and it’s easy to over-modify, so much so, that in some instances it turns into a track car or a show car.

For 26 year old TLD Platinum member Jake, the stereotypical story went a little differently. He set a target back in 2014 and unlike many first builds, managed to achieve the perfect balance of aesthetics and power. His goal? To build the ultimate EVO that could be driven on the street, have a presence at car shows and be capable at the track.

Coming from a Honda S2000, Jake wanted to continue the fun, but in something a little more practical. He set his eyes on an EVO. The potential and capability of the platform, as well as it’s wealth of aftermarket support has made it an iconic tuning platform, and for Jake, it was the perfect fit. Starting with a stock EVO IX, the journey of over five years culminated into three key components. Power, bodywork and paint.

On the power front, it’s a solid 10 second chassis putting out 415kW/556HP at 35psi. Not being a fan of ‘off the shelf kits’, the bodywork on Jake’s EVO comprises of mix and match parts along with some custom work. The striking paint that frequently appears on our Instagram news feeds is an OEM mix specially formulated from Porsche – Riviera Blue.

Exterior wise, at the front, he opted for some genuine APR parts including widebody fenders, an APR front bar and a matching carbon fibre splitter. Wanting to be unique on the rear, he got custom metalwork done on the arches. A VARIS rear diffuser and side skirts nicely finish off the lower profile of the car.

Performance wise, the EVO has a full flex tune by Benchmark solutions; utilising a Powertune built 2.0LR engine package strapped with a Borg Warner EFR 7670 1.04 twin scroll turbo.

To balance the car in terms of retaining practicality, Jake paid extra attention to the handling department. Wrapped around the Rays Volk TE37V MK2 wheels are ultra high performance, grip enhancing Hankook Ventus RS3 tyres. Strengthening throughout the car is achieved with an Ultra Racing 4 Point rear boot brace, an X3E front strut brace and a Cusco front brace, modified to fit the intercooler. Suspension is handled by BC BR coilovers, with Hardrace rear camber arms and toe arms, along with EVO X camber adjustment bolts. For practicality and maneuverability, an aircup lift system by StanceParts has been fitted to the front.

Looking into the future and having accomplished what he initially set out to, Jake admits that he doesn’t have much more planned for the EVO. An ECU and dash setup is on the cards, along with a bit more power.

Source: The-Lowdown

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