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Honda Jazz GK with a K Series heart

A Honda fan, the owner definitely needs a car that different from the others. The Honda Jazz GK with a K Series engine swapped which capable to produce 300++ hp.

The K24A2 engine is from a Honda Accord. However the owner needed more from the 2.4L engine and a set of wiseco 87.5 14:2 pistons is installed to the engine. Besides that, several items like Cam drag, Supertech spring valve retainer, Super tech valve nails, Skunk2 Ultra Race intake pipe, Electric valve 80mm, and  J'2s racing 75mm pipe are installed to help to produce a respectful 300++ hp.

For the exterior, the owner has upgraded with an aggressive bodykit style. The front hood is from Monza F1. The front and rear bumper are from MC RS 2019, RS headlight, hybrid MC tail lights and J's racing GT-wing. Besides that, a set of CE28 wheels wrapped with TOYO R1R 205/50/R15. The brake system is upgraded to Endless 6 pot 282mm brake too. 

For the interior, the owner has upgraded a pair of RECARO RSG seats, J's racing steering wheel with quick release kit and 6 Defi meter and display. 

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