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Cost for Kancil to Mira conversion

Many have asked how much it would cost to convert a Perodua Kancil to a Daihatsu Mira. So here is a list of items that you may need for the project. You can justify the price if you want to upgrade. During the progress, you will feel tired of having to search for goods, run one hour for knuclear, cod with another seller, facebook group find part but that is the satisfaction we are looking for. Below list is about basic stuffs and without those rare items (rear bonnet reflector, sunroof and etc).

RM3200 : Kancil Tahun 2000 ( beli dengan makcik standard pekak )
RM8000 : Restore Body + Spray + Restore Engine
RM9000 : Engine L200s 660cc + TD04 + Jajan + Intercooler dll
RM3000 : TE37 14" Japan
RM1100 : Mira J L200s 4-power Window Complete Set
RM1100 : Mira J Bodypart Complete
RM1000 : L5 Front & Rear Disc Brake
RM900 : Avanzato Red Tag 'PLKN' seat
RM600 : New SR Special Absorber
RM550 : RSR Magic Exhaust Japan
RM600 : Complete Pillar Hitam
RM600 : Mira L2 Glass Headlight
RM300 : Mira L2 Black Roof Cover
RM350 : Mira L2 Seatbelt
RM250 : Mira L2 Center Antenna
RM250 : Mira L2 Pillar Bendul Bonet Hitam
RM350 : L5 Dashboard
RM350 : L5 Steering Sub
RM200 : L5 Center Console Box
RM200 : L5 Meter Merah
RM250 : L2 Gear Console
RM150 : L2 Sunshade
RM300 : Parco Speaker
RM150 : Daihatsu Frame Plate
RM200 : Carpet besar hitam
RM180 : Carpet kecik
RM150 : Papan Speaker
RM100 : Pillar Bendul
RM150 : Mira Laci Coin Carpet Merah
RM180 : L6 Side Skirt
RM190 : Osram Headlight Bulb
RM600 : Tinted Window Clear
RM70 : L5 Center Mirror

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