Car Info: History of Nissan Skyline GTR-34

This post I'm going to release a little bit about a living legend, the Nissan Skyline R34 GTR. The engine was born in Musashimu...

This post I'm going to release a little bit about a living legend, the Nissan Skyline R34 GTR.

The engine was born in Musashimurayama, Japan in January 1999. It was designed by their engineer Mr. Kozo Watanabe. In fact, this Nissan Skyline R34 model has been in production since 1993. It was only after production of the Nissan Skyline R33 GTR stopped in 1998 that the R34 GTR model began

There are several non-GTR models. These models are as follows with engine specifications.
GT - 2.0L RB20DE NEO
25GT - 2.5L RB25DE NEO
25GT-X - 2.5L RB25DE NEO
25GT-V - 2.5L RB25 NEO
25GT Turbo - 2.5L RB25DET NEO
25GT-X Turbo - 2.5L RB25DET NEO

Of the 8 models above, only two models use engines with a turbo system. Others use NA engine. These models also use chassis code such as: -

So if you buy a “GTR” and chassis code displayed on your vehicle's warranty starts with the code above, hahaha. Congratulations.

All Nissan Skyline R34 GTR models start with the BNR34 chassis code. No R34 GTR model has chassis code other than BNR34.

Alright, now, we're back to our main topic - Nissan Skyline R34 GTR. During the 4-year production of the Nissan Skyline R34 GTR from 1999 to 2002, only 11,577 units were produced. This figure is lower than the R32 GTR and R33 GTR models. Why ? No specific reason was specified. But many think it may have something to do with the economic downturn.

Of the 11,577 units produced, the following are the model breakdowns for this machinery: -

Series 1
GTR - 2,709 units
V-Spec - 4,193 units
V-Spec N1 - 38 units
V-Spec (UK) - 80 units
V-Spec (Hong Kong) - 10 units
V-Spec (New Zealand) - 5 units
V-Spec (Singapore) - 10 units
Unknown - 20 units

Series 2
GTR - 1,268 units
V-Spec II - 1,855 units
V-Spec II N1 - 18 units
V-Spec II (New Zealand) - 2 units
M-Spec - 366 units
V-Spec II nur - 718 units
M-Spec nur - 285 units

The total was 11,577 units of which 7,065 were for the first series and 4,512 units for the second series. No Z-Tune? Please continue to read... 

Now we go to the specifications for each model.

Base model
As the 5th generation of the GTR family, it is certainly hopeful that this model is being offered to upgrade the Nissan name to the global Automotive industry at that time. His appearance is to shut the mouths of critics who have never condemned the existence of the R33 GTR.

If the R33 GTR is said to be too heavy, too wide, this model is actually heavier than the R33 GTR model. Here are the dimensions of this machine: -
Wheelbase - 2,720mm
Length - 4,675mm
Width - 1,780mm
Height - 1,360mm
Curb Weight - 1,530kg

The numbers clearly indicated that this R34 GTR dimension is larger. 

RB26DETT's bright, vibrant, and versatile is still selected to drive this machine. The RB26DETT has been around for 3 generations of GTR, R32, R33 and R34. This time, the "valve cover" is painted in "Cherry Red" as the basic feature.

The improvement made was that all R34 GTR models received a pair of turbo T-28 “ball bearing” as their basic features. No more sleeve bearing. But for the exhaust turbine unit still retains the same ceramic material. Boost is set at 0.7 bar.

In addition, it received the "Dual Mass Flywheel" as well as a new hose and cooling pipe design. The redesign was aimed at improving the endurance aspects of the engine overshadowing the previous models. The result? 276hp and Torque of 392Nm. This is the only advertised value for complying with the "Gentleman Agreement". The actual value is 327hp.

The interior also received a lot of interesting features when Nissan introduced the Multi Function Display (MFD). MFD will present the data to the driver. These data include

Injector Duty Cycle
Oil Temprature
Water Temprature
In addition, the Nismo offers new MFD units which it can display higher Boost value, greater storage memory and even a "lap timer". This MFD unit is specific to GTR models only. 

About the transmission unit, the R34 GTR model receives a new 6-speed manual transmission from the FS6R93A-encoded Getrag. Here is the gear ratio for this transmission unit: -
Gear 1 - 3.827
Gear 2 - 2.36
Gear 3 - 1,685
Gear 4 - 1.313
Gear 5 - 1
Gear 6 - 0.793
Gostan Gear - 3.28

With the gear ratio as above, plus the powerful engine, the full speed recorded was 252km / h (advertised) and the time from 0-100km / h was 5.4 seconds. Advertising? Ye, advertising. While it is generally known that this engine can accelerate more than 300km / h.

For the ECU, the engine uses the Super-HICAS system, which is electronically controlled "4 Wheel Steering". Unlike previous models that used hydraulic systems. The ATESSA E-TS system is also improved to get more grip while driving.

At launch, the prices offered were ¥ 4,998,000 (RM185,010) for series 1 (1999-2001) and ¥ 5,048,000 (RM186,861) for series 2 before tax. T

V-Spec model
V-Spec stands for Victory Specification. Production of this V-Spec model began from January 1999 until October 2000. For this model, not many changes were made. The additions are as follows: -

Aero Parts
Brake Ventilation Ducts
ATESSA E-TS Pro with Active LSD
However, what is interesting about this V-Spec is that our neighboring Singapore brings in 10 new units. Each edition has a special tag starting from “1/10” to “10/10”. 

V-Spec II model
Same specification as V-Spec. Just for this V-Spec II model, it provided additional changes such as: -

Larger rear Rotor Brake unit
Harder suspension systems
“Carbon Fiber Bonnet with NACA Duct”
Chair with black cloth (V-Spec gray)
This V-Spec II model was launched in October of 2000. With only 1,855 units produced for this "regular" V-Spec II model.

V-Spec & V-Spec II N1
The engine is painted with the color code “QM1 White”. The N1 model is also known for removing all unwanted items such as: -

No Air Conditioning
No Wiper Back
No Audio System
No Lining Boot
No Fog Light Back
Only for this R34 model, the ABS unit is maintained. The RB26DETT for the R34 GTR model uses a pair of Garrett T28 Ball Bearing Ceramic Turbines. However, for the N1 model, the engine comes with a pair of Garrett GT25 Ball Bearing Steel Turbine. More response, longer lasting. The rest is the same specification as the N1 engine at R32 and R33. 

The different between V-Spec I N1 and V-Spec II N1 is V-Spec II N1 models equipped with a carbon fiber front bonnet. While the V-Spec N1 model equipped with original bonnet and is painted in white. The difference can also be seen from the model code found on the chassis plate. The code is as follows: -

V-Spec N1 - GGJPRWYR34ZDA – L–
V-Spec II N1 - GGJPRWYR34ZDA – 1–

For the V-Spec N1 model, only 38 units were built and 12 of them were taken by the NISMO for use in the Super Taikyu race. There are only 26 units left in the entire world.

For the V-Spec II N1 model, only 18 units were built. Prices when new are as follows: -

V-Spec N1 - ¥ 5,998,000 (RM221,133)
V-Spec II N1 - 0 6,098,000 (RM224,825)
The stated prices are before all taxes and before inflation. Now ? Good thing there are thousands. Fortunately it's still 6 digits. Hahaha.

It was first sold in May, 2001. First of all, why M? What does M mean? The letter "M" for this model stands for Mizuno. Mizuno or his full name Kazutoshi Mizuno is the name of Nissan Chief Engineer responsible for producing GTR models and is also known as the "Father of The GTR".

As for the M-Spec model, it is arguably the "luxury" model. This can be clearly seen that most of the interior components are wrapped in leather. Each leather band was sewn together using gold thread. Interestingly, the front seats receive a heater.

Also, as we know the V-Spec II model has a hard suspension system. It's even harder than the V-Spec Model. However, for the M-Spec model, the suspension system was redesigned using a softer system with "Ripple Control". The "Ripple Control" here works whether the road you take is bumpy or uneven, this powerful absorber works very efficiently to absorb everything. 

The M-Spec does not use a carbon fiber bonnet but only aluminum and is painted according to body color. As for the color story, this model accepts 4 different colors: -

EY0 - Silica Breath (122 units)
GV1 - Black Pearl (39 units)
QX1 - Pearl White (93 units)
WV2 - Sparkling Silver (112 units)

The iconic color is definitely Silica Breath where this color is not available in other models. Only M-Spec and M-Spec Nur have this color. There were only 366 units of production, while the iconic color was only 122 units.

In addition to the colors, the way to identify the M Specis to look at the model code (Model Code) found on the chassis plate of this machine. The model code has 18 digits and for the M-Spec model, the 16th digit must have a "2" number. For example, the first model M-Spec has the model code GGJPRWYR34ZZAAA2AD. We see "2" in the 16th digit.

The price at the launch was ¥ 5,950,000 (RM219,862).

V-Spec II Nur & M-Spec Nur

Nur? The name Nur was taken in conjunction with the name of the famous German track - Nurburgring. 

For these 2 Nur models, what makes them unique is their sound. As I explained above about the N1 model engine, the engine is seamlessly put into the engine compartment. Although the advertised power is "only" 276hp, it actually has a power of 330hp and with little tuning, the engine is able to pump 450hp without having to modify or change components. The "Rocker Cover" of this engine receives the EY0 Silica Breath color finish. 

For other specifications such as interior trim, suspension and others, both models follow the original specifications of their parent models, the V-Spec II and the M-Spec. So don't expect the V-Spec II Nur to have Ripple Control and don't expect the M-Spec Nur to have a carbon-front front bonnet.

The Nur model is offered in 7 color options: -
EY0 - Silica Breath (9 units only for M-Spec Nur)
GV1 - Black Pearl (86 units)
JW0 - Jade Millennium (300 units)
QM1 - White (159 units)
QX1 - Pearl White (216 units)
TV2- Bayside Blue (119 units)
WV2 - Sparkling Silver (114 units)

JW0 Millennium Jade is the new color introduced. It's only for Nur's model. No other models accept this color.

The production of this machinery is as follows: -

V-Spec II Nur - 718 units
M-Spec Nur - 285 units
There are a total of 1,003 units of Nur models worldwide. An easy way to identify the Nur-Spec model is to examine the code model of this machine. Just like the M-Spec, look at the 16th digit. The V-Spec II Nur model has the letter "V" in the 16th digit and the M-Spec Nur model has the "M" in the 16th digit. Isn't it easy? Again? Well, Nur models receive 300km / h “Speedometer”. In honor of Nur's model buyer, Nissan also provided a book where the owner's name was engraved on the iron plate on the book. Prices offered at its launch in 2002 were ¥ 6,100,000 (RM225,420) for the V-Spec II Nur model and ¥ 6,300,000 (RM232,811) for the M-Spec Nur model. 

This machine is placed in the highest hierarchy in the R34 GTR model. BUT, I'm sorry to say, the highest hierarchy for the R34 GTR production machinery is the M-Spec Nur model. This is because the Z-Tune model is not a Nissan production machine. But NISMO.

History begins when the NISMO released the Z-Tune prototype model in 2000 and was on display at the NISMO Festival back then. Next year, NISMO sucessfully launched this project. They added some comfort features to the car to make it ideal for daily driving. 

The engine was also revamped where the engine code was also changed from Z1 to Z2. In 2003, the machine was brought to the Nurburgring for testing and the results were quite impressive. In 2004, it won the Tuner's Battle competition and furthered its reputation as a perfect machine in all respects.

In 2005, in conjunction with NISMO's 20th anniversary, Nissan sold NISMO's 18 R34 GTR V-Spec II units to be converted into Z-Tune. All 18 machines purchased by NISMO have a mileage of less than 29,000km.

The whole machine was then dismantled, completely stripped and rebuilt one by one. "Hand Made." So, here's why Z-Tune isn't a production machine. It is a refurbished machine and is in the "NISMO Omori Factory Cars" class which not only has Z-Tune, but also several other models: -

R34 GTR Clubman Race Spec
R34 GTR F-Sport
R34 GTR R-Tune
R34 GTR S-Tune
R34 GTR Sport Resetting
Out of all these models, only Z-Tune gets the most attention. 
Let's start with the engine. The engine for this Z-Tune model is adapted from the original specification of the RB26DETT where the engine block unit is derived from the RB26 GT500 model. Not only that, it has GT Crankshaft, Forged Piston, GT Connecting Rod and many new components.

With the GT500's stroker kit, the engine's capacity also jumps to 2,771cc (2.8cc). With this upgrade, the engine code is then changed to RB28DETT or it is also known as Z2 code. The turbo unit is from IHI where it is specially made for this Z-Tune production. With this overhaul, the power produced is 510hp and Torque is 540Nm. 

This suspension system is specially designed by Sachs using adjustable system. The same suspension system was the one used during the GT500 race. Brembo brakes are provided using the Monoblock 6 Piston model with 365mm rotor in the front and Forged 4 Piston with 355mm rotor in the rear. The engine parts rim unit uses a black NISMO LM GT4 GT500 18 x 9.5J. It is covered with 265 / 35R18 Bridgestone Potenza RE01R tires.

The power transmission unit of this machine uses twin clutch unit (Coppermix Twin). Power from the gearbox is then transmitted to the rear axle with the Active LSD system via a carbon fiber propeller shaft propeller unit specially built for the Z-Tune.

For the body, spot Welding is added everywhere. The rest ? There is carbon. Production? Only 20 units are issued including 2 prototype units. That's why NISMO only bought 18 units for production. Why only 20 units? It is in honor of his 20th birthday. 

Out of these 20 existing machines, only one unit uses the LX0 Midnight Purple III color code. This is because the owner wants to retain the original color while his Z-Tune model is still a V-Spec II model. The rest of the models are painted using the KY0 Z-Tune Silver code.

The price was ¥ 17,700,000 (RM654,784) when it launched. 

My advice is, if you have the chance to own one of the original Nissan Skyline R34 GTR, you are one of the 11,577 lucky people in the world to have it. Take good care of it.

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  1. Well written! I feel lucky to be one 11,577 and don't worry I am taking good care of it!



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BEN9166: Car Info: History of Nissan Skyline GTR-34
Car Info: History of Nissan Skyline GTR-34
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