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Car Info: Daytime Running Light

Nowadays when most people buying new cars, Daytime running lights (DRL) are the key words to decide whether to make a deal or not. But do you know that this cool looking DRL is actually a safety device?

The history of daytime running lights can be traced back to some Nordic countries, because these countries  do not have enough sunlight during the day, and it is snowy and foggy in winter, forcing the local government to implement regulations as early as the 1970s. The local govenrment required new vehicles on the market to be equipped with daytime driving as standard Lights, and models without daytime running lights must turn on parking lights or fog lights, so that pedestrians and cars can recognized and identified incoming cars to prevent accidents in advance, and ensure driving Safety. 

However, at that time, the daytime running lights were still generally built with traditional halogen bulbs. In addition to the independent bulbs in the later period, some car manufacturers used small lamps or dimmed high beams to save costs in the early days. The power consumption of halogen bulbs is relatively large, and the life span is also relatively short, which increases the cost of use for car owners. 

DRL became common when European Union ’s 2011 policy enforced all new cars must be equipped with daytime running lights. Therefore, at that time, we can see that some European cars have begun to have independent daytime running lights designed with halogen bulbs. However, Audi is the first car manufacturer who manufactured the LED DRL. Although it was said that the LED DRL technology was first introduced into the A8 as early as 2004, but the "Iron Man" AUdi R8 and Executive RV A4's cool LED DRL really made everyone pay attention to this safety configuration.

Major car manufacturers have also begun to design futuristic and cool DRL with LED, and LED DRLs have also begun to develop from the original granular design to the later LED light bar. Due to the futuristic design, many people mistakenly thought that DRL is the headlmap's decoration. With lower energy consumption, longer life span and lower maintenance cost, this standard equipment that was originally only available in high-end models will be available for entry cars in the future.

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