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A 2ZZ hearted Toyota BZR Levin

As a die-hard fan and workshop worker for Toyota, the owner definitely needs a car that can have a wow effect. Known as the BZR, the Corolla's eighth-generation model is the last of the Levin's performance series. Unlike other Corolla variants, it is only offered for the Japanese domestic market. Only a few units have appeared here and are usually brought in privately.

The BZR comes in a two-door coupe which is quite interesting. For this car, however, it still uses the original Levin BZR body kit. Even so, the use of carbon fiber hood and bonnet helps save the overall look.

The Super Strut suspension system supplied was replaced with a Tein Super Street adjustable suspension set, before being redesigned by Chempiang Rosdi. That's not to say that the Super Strut suspension is bad, it's just that the aftermarket is not worth it. The braking system is upgraded by using a modified Nissan Skyline R32 brake kit. Don't miss the 15-inch Volk Racing TE37 rim, along with the 195 / 55R-15 Toyo Proxes T1R tires.

The most significant change occurred in the engine section. Despite being supplied with the 4A-GE Blacktop performance engine, the owner has decided to replace it with the Celica ZZT231 2ZZ-GE engine. The 2ZZ-GE engine uses the VVTL-i (Variable Valve Timing & Lift - intelligent) valve system, which helps increase engine power at high rpm. It has two different camshaft profiles and will work together according to engine temperature and speed. Like the Honda VTEC system, it is just a different mechanism.

For starters, the whole new engine has not been tweaked except for the provision of a little extra fuel. These include the use of the Blitz SUS Power air filter with custom air ramps, custom fuel rails, as well as gas pumps and AEM regulators. Allowing each parameter to be optimized, the engine journey is controlled by the EMU Classic unit from Ecumaster. As the residual combustion is generated, it will be pumped out through Tacam MetalArts' custom custom extraction unit, directly to the Kakimoto Regu 06 & R exhaust set.

The interior of the car looks pretty JDM standard.  It has a pair of solid Recaro SR3 seats, as well as a selection of accessories such as the red Momo Race steering wheel, Tom's gear knob, TRD gear lever, Defi extra meter, Ultra speed meter unit, and TRD keymeter.

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