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1998 Mitsubishi FTO 2.0 (M) For Sale

Thunderbolt, a Jackie Chan's film back in the 1995 is the time where I got to know Mitsubishi FTO. It looks nice and most important is it performance able to match the Nissan GTR-32. During that time, I was just a small kid and knowing nothing about GTR or FTO. Years later with a lot of learning from the car modification scene, I got to know that GTR vs FTO is all about movie not performance. 

Anyway, here is one of a clean Mitsubishi FTO for sale. You may be the next fortunate person to own one of the FTO. 

1998 Mitsubishi FTO 2.0 (M)

  • 2.0L 6A12 DOHC 24V Mivec V6 engine
  • Pioneer touchscreen player
  • Boschmann sound system
  • Dual exhaust
  • 4x adjustable absorber
  • 17" BBS sport rims
  • Full sport leather seat

Do contact the seller if you wish to be the next lucky owner here.

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