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Project Celica: Brand new set of Headlamp from Japan

Before I send my Celica for repaint, I noticed that my headlamp coating already started to come off. The painter promised to restore the headlamp for me by polishing and clear coat it. However to make the matter worse, the plastic lens started to have hairline crack as well. Thus even after polishing and clear coat the headlamp, the hairline crack still quite noticeable. 

Initially the plan is to replace my headlamp plastic lens by getting a pair of after market headlamp. The price is around RM1200 which is quite acceptable. The cons of this approach might be water leakage in the headlamp if the work of changing the plastic lens is not done properly. 

Fortunately, a friend from the Celica group told me that he was planning to import Celica parts from Japan and this including headlamp as well. Comparing genuine Toyota Celica headlamp only cost me RM1180, I will be too dumb if I reject this offer. 

Here are some of the pictures of the headlamp. RM1180 well spent. 

Genuine from Toyota. 

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