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Pimp my ride in a creative way

Pimp My Ride is an American television series produced by MTV and hosted by rapper Xzibit.

A resourceful team of experts takes car customizing to a completely different level by taking some of the sorriest vehicles on the road and turning them into impressive new rides. Occasionally, if the participant's car is deemed unfixable or unsafe to work on, the crew gives the person a new car -- tricked out, of course. 

And here are some of the urban experts who takes the same approach as "Pimp My Ride" but with higher level of customization of their cars. 

Wheel arch on the door itself?
Stiffer or Higher height?
What a heck of blue theme engine bay!
Something wrong with the tow hook strap?
What is the actual purpose of a bumper lock clip?
A properly mounted Cold Air Intake (CAI)!

Creative GT-wing.

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