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Nissan Almera HR12DE"T"?

Nissan Almera, a well known car in Malaysia due to it offers much more than the price cost. The car is known for reliable and cheap to maintain thus many Malaysians buy this car for their daily commute from A to B. 

In Malaysia, this car is equipped with 1.5L engine (HR15DE) which managed to produce 99hp @ 6000rpm and 134.4 Nm of torque @ 4000rpm. The power figure is not very impressive and therefore not many people willing to spend their hard earn money to modify it. 

However, this Nissan Almera from Thailand is something extraordinary. From the exterior, the only major upgrades are a carbon fiber hood and a duck tail spoiler. At the wheel section, the owner upgraded to a set of VOLK Racing TE37 15x7J, ET35 and are wrapped with Raiden Hero R111 195/55/R15. Besides that, a set of Runstop brake caliper and Hi-Q brake pad had been installed to the car and this will increase the stoping power of the car. For the suspension, the owner upgraded a set of Nono Eco shop suspention. 

This Nissan Almera is equipped with a HR12DE 1.2L engine and the power deliver is not able to satisfy the owner. With the help on the bolt on turbo and boosting at 0.4 bar, the power has increase more than 100hp. Other upgrades include K&N air filter, HKS intercooler 380cc fuel injector system and NGK iridium spark plugs. The gearbox has benn converted from CVT to manual with original factory clutch. 

When looking inside, you may noticed a part of genuine red Bride Japan bucket seat. Completed with a full set of Defi C2 gauges including boost gauge, engine oil pressure and temperature and the coolant temperature gauge is from DIgital Smart Gauge. 

Here is the specification list. 

Tech spec
  • Bonnet - Akana
  • Bride Japan cushion
  • Boost Gauge - Defi C2
  • Engine oil pressure gauge - Defi C2
  • Oil temperature gauge - Defi C2
  • Coolant temperature gauge - Smart Gauge
  • Gear bags - Nismo
  • Rearview mirror - Zoom Engineering
  • Turbo TFS Boost, 0.4 bar
  • Butterfly valve re-cored by one pestle
  • Air filter - K&N
  • Blow Off - HKS
  • Intercooler - HKS
  • Purple Head Vest
  • Nozzle - size 380 cc.
  • Spark Plugs - NGK
  • ECU Box - KKT by Tom tunning
  • Headers - ATS inter turbo
  • Exhaust - ATS inter turbo, size 2 inches
  • Gear - converted from CVT to manual
  • Shock Absorber - Blox with spiral strut
  • Alloy wheels - Volk TE37 size 15 inches, width 7 inches, offset +35
  • Tires - Raiden Hero R111, 195/55
  • Front suspension support - Nono Eco shop
  • Disc Brakes - Runstop
  • Brake pads - Hi-Q

Source: Boxzaracing

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