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Golden Satria with a powerful HEART

This Satria has enjoyed his heyday, having been crowned overall champion for the drag race organized by MUSC for 2010, 2011 and 2012. Great! In 2013, technical issues began to swell and the engine used suddenly exploded.

Having been busy for work, Yoo Yo as owner has had to forget the desire to prepare this car for racing purposes. It took a long time, too, before Yoo was able to keep her from competing.

After being deprived, Yoo decided to rebuild this car as best he could. This Satria has been stripped down till the bone before being re-painted. Yes, he opened everything, including engines and internal components. Gold is the color Yoo chose for this Satria. 

As a street car, this Satria has to come with an exciting package. The use of the Mirage Cyborg R body kit, including side mirrors from Ganador which cost thousands of Ringgit. Most interestingly, the front hood is fitted with an EVO III component, before being fitted with the HKS Kansai bumper. The choice of the rim is Volk Racing TE37, complete with 205 / 45R-16 Bridgestone Potenza rubber.

The interior base is slightly different as it is equipped with the EVO IV dashboard. All of the important panels had been replaced with components from the Mirage Cyborg R. Also included are other hardware such as the Momo steering wheel, Sparco gear buttons, Cusco gear levers, and a pair of Recaro SPG seats. For monitoring purposes, the additional display came from the Defi 5 siblings which also contained a tachometer with a gearbox switch.

The engine section was perfected by Moto Ayam Motorsport, a well-respected name in the local drag sport arena. The base used the Mirage 4G61T engine before it was fitted with a 4G63T component from the EVO III. The cost of a build like this may be a bit high, but it's easy to get approval without questioning.

In any case, don't be fooled by the 1600cc 4G61T engine. The engine has been upgrade with 86mm Wiseco piston set. Likewise, the cylinder head now includes a pair of HKS 272 ° camshaft, BC valve spring and custom cam pulley for adjustment purposes.

The turbo system uses a Garrett GT3582 turbine suspended on the Tonnka turbo manifold, complete with a Tial 44mm wastegate. To aid in the cooling process, a GReddy barrel intercooler was placed in its bumper chamber, before being sucked in through the Super90 throttle body. The boost entry process is controlled by the GReddy Profec Type S boost control unit, while the unused boost surplus is released through the Tial release valve. Gasoline delivery comes from the Walbro 455lph gas pump directly to the Sard fuel rail. It was shot using a set of 1000cc Sard injectors, with regulated amounts of regulator pressure also from Sard. For its oil mapping process, it is only maintained by the AFC Neo Apexi unit. 

Tech specification:

  • Cyborg R Mirage body kit
  • Ganador side mirror
  • Custom EVO III hood
  • HKS Kansai front bumper
  • Mirage Cyborg R component
  • EVO IV dashboard
  • Momo steering wheel
  • Sparco gear button 
  • Cusco gear lever 
  • SPG Recaro seat
  • Defi meter
Engine, Transmission & Exhaust
  • 4G63T, 4G61T block
  • Wiseco 86mm piston
  • ACL Race engine bearings
  • HKS 272 ° camshaft 
  • Spring BC valve
  • Custom cam pulley
  • Turbo Garrett GT3582
  • Tonnka turbo manifold
  • 44mm Tial wastegate 
  • GReddy intercooler with custom intercooler pipe
  • Throttle body Super90
  • GReddy Profec Type S boost guard
  • Tial release valve
  • Walbro 455lph gas pump
  • Sard fuel line
  • 1000cc Sard injector
  • Sard regulator
  • Ultra ignition cable
  • AFC Neo Apexi
  • Calsonic radiator
  • Cusco oil cooler
  • EVO I gearbox, Clutch Competition clutch set
  • 3.5-inch custom pipe, 06 & R Kakimoto Squad muffler
Suspension, Brake & Wheels
  • Tein adjustable suspension
  • Mitsubishi FTO, Brembo brake pad
  • Volk Racing TE37 16-inch & Bridgestone Potenza RE01R 205 / 45R-16

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