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Car Info: History of Proton Putra

From History of Proton Satria post, we learnt that beside the hatchback body style. However, the 4th generation Mitsubishi Mirage does come with a 4 door sedan and 2 door coupe body style as well. The interesting fact about this Mirage sedan would be its Mitusibhsi 6A10 1.6L V6 engine option that wasn't available for the hatchback and coupe. The coupe body style was introduced later in 1993 unlike the hatchback and sedan in 1991.

The 2 door coupe body goes by a different name, known as Mitsubishi Mirage Asti. Trims, options and specs of this Mirage Asti is still very similar with the 3 door hatchback.

This body style was eventually adopted by Proton for the Proton Putra in 1997 which is Malaysia first coupe from Proton. The Putra is equipped with features similar to the Satria 1.6 XLi with features like rheostat and electric side mirrors. It also had stiffer suspension setting with a rear anti roll bar. It also came with rear disc brakes.

What really sets the Putra apart would be its engine, the 1.8 litre 4G93 DOHC engine that was sourced from Mitsubishi. The Putra is also equipped with Recaro seats and Momo steering wheel. The chassis itself is also reinforced with extra welding unlike the Satria 1.6 XLi. Overall, the package of the Putra is very similar with the Wira 1.8 EXi that was launched in 1996. The Putra can be had with a 5 speed manual or 4 speed automatic transmission.

The Putra had a different grille design than the Satria. It is the same grille with the one found in the Wira 1.8 EXi. Some features found in the export version of the Proton Putra, renamed as Proton Coupe. The features are very similar with the Malaysian version with some exceptions such as the sunroof.

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