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Another Corolla with 2ZZ but this time in an AE110 body

When it comes to the Corolla, what we can imagine is a very durable car. We can still able to see quite an amount of older generation Corolla on the street. It's not about other generations' models. Indeed, Toyota was made quite tough in the past, until it immediately did not recognize the meaning of broken.

After success with the E100 series, the Corolla was replaced with the more modern E110 eighth-generation model in 1995. However, due to intense competition from local car manufacturers, the Corolla's name began to sink and suffered a significant decline in sales. Until Toyota introduced Vois in 2002, leaving the Corolla named Altis in its own class.

Unlike the Corolla E100, the E110 series actually comes with a slim body. Not a lot of people are interested, so it's hard to find one that really works. If so, it is more family-oriented.

Traditionally, the 4AGE Silvertop and Blacktop engines will be the most popular picks in the car. The halfcut/engine price is reasonable as well as the parts are easily available. But if you want something new and fresh, the Celica ZZT231's 2ZZ-GE engine is probably one of the options to consider.

This engine has great potential for development. In addition to Toyota, Lotus is also one of the manufacturers that have used this engine for the previous Elise and Exige models. Although the engine code is double-digit, it is actually only 1.8-liter. The figures are only for the generation of the engine, which now accepts the VVTL-i's smart timing valve system that resembles Honda's VTEC technology.

For now, the owner is still maintaining its engine capability without any heavy modifications. All that is done is the porting process on the cylinder head, followed by the use of a performance oil pump from Monkey Wrench. The fuel delivery system has also been refurbished using AEM gas pumps, AEM regulators and Monkey Wrench fuel rails. In order to remove the cut off and fix the valve opening time, the engine management system is now fully tuned using the Adaptronic E440D ECU unit. 

The outlook is actually a bit less impressive. It looks like nothing, though it comes with a JDM body kit from the AE111 GT model. That's what it is, to make it yet again. If it flaps its wings, it flies. As a thrill, the SSR Type C rim space is fitted with a 195 / 55R-15 Yokohama Advan Neova tire. To make sure it can stop in time, the front brake system now comes with a 4-pot caliper from Willwood.

As an exterior, the interior has also been copied with a JDM component of the AE111 GT model. Which is not a huge fan of Corolla, it probably doesn't notice. Most interestingly, the main meter space now houses the Dash 2 digital display unit from Race Technology. 

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