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Project Polo Sedan: Started to age - Oil Leak

Just has been a while since I bought this car and after worked hard for the past several years, the wear and tear parts started to show up their age. First was the gear shifter connector which cost me RM180 for the replacement. Then the mounting gave way this in May this year which sot me another RM1450 including labor - Genuine VW mounting (engine, gearbox and bottom end) at RM1350 and labor for RM100. It is cheaper if going for OEM parts which shall cost about RM700+- for both the engine and gearbox mount.

Early of the month, I found out that there was oil leak when I serviced my car. After some investigations done, the oil leak normally caused by the timing cover side gasket, crank oil seal or by both. Since the price for both of them only cost me RM220 including shipping for Genuine VW parts, I opt to change both. 

So if some of you find out that there is oil leaking from the side till to the top oil pan, you shall change both of this parts. 

Just in case you need to know which parts to buy, here I attached the parts diagram. #6 is the oil crank seal and #8 is the timing cover side gasket.

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Anonymous said...

Hi, where do you buy this item and where you get it replaced. Thanks.