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Project Kancil: Current Condition (Dated: 23rd June 2019)

It has been long since I sent my Kancil for a respray. I believed I should update the condition of the paint to you all after it has been tortured by me more than 5 years.

Here let me review how bad is my Kancil exterior condition to you all. First of all, a merciless attack from a broken tree branch. 

Those bird droppings.

Last let's see how bad is the paint cracks and peels.

Merciless attack from the broken tree branch.

Other sections of the car.

The plan is to send my Kancil to get a paint job done a.s.a.p. However before that, I have another plan so pleases stay tune. 

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Anonymous said...

Good to have you back Ben, thought you've no more using this tiny rocket.
I've bought one Kancil L5 EF-RL few months back and fixed quite lots of things as the previous owner was not very well versed with automotive things and i believed being conned by the mechanic. I've tried your tweak on the speed cut using switchable but never get a chance to test all out. Just lately after my son used my L5 and that's when a new problem occurs, i'm facing with blue smokes from the exhaust while idling. Hopefully you could suggest solutions to determine the real problem. Thanks in advance.