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A Nissan GTR R35 or a Toyota Celica 7th Gen?

Few months ago, a couple of pictures speculated in the internet world and a lot of people saying that it is the worst car modification of this decade. And I totally have to agree with this statement. 

A lot of people saying that this is a modification from a Toyota Celica to a Nissan GTR. However, I would like to against this due to the following 3 points. (I might be wrong though)

Firstly, take a look at the side pillar. It is a bit squarish while compare with Celica. 

Secondly, there is no gap/line at the roof. If it is a Celica, the gap/line is the rear boot opening section. Well... maybe it is hard to see it in the picture, so we shall skip this point. 

Lastly, is the aircon vent located at the dashboard. 

In conclusion, I believe that this is not from a Celica but I might be wrong. The owner of this car may spend tonne of money to change all the areas I mentioned earlier. However, if I'm the owner and willing to spend so much to convert a Celica to GTR, I will definitely install a set of wider rim too. :P

Source: TX2K

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