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Project Satria: Clean Interior and Parts Needed

Few months back during Chinese New Year, finally I was able to clean up a little of my Satria whereby I mentioned in earlier post that the car was full of mold and odor smell. The plan was to clean up the entire interior and during the cleaning time, I was able to found out some damage parts around the dashboard. So I'm in the hunt for center console, left side aircon vent, the aircon controller, a steering wheel and the driver seat. If you have these parts and plan to sell them, please do not feel hesitate to drop me an email. 

Unfortunately, I forgot to take any pictures after the cleaning. Thus there is nothing much but I did remember to snap a picture or two for those damage parts.

By the way, I managed to find a youtube video that show how to fix a car that crank but won't start. I might give it a try when I back to my hometown. Meanwhile, you may watch to video if you are facing the similar issue. 

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