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Project Cars: Celica, Kancil, Satria Updates

It has been a while that I have not update any anything about all my project cars. This is mainly due to my busy working schedule and spending my time to accompany my family.

Basically nothing much major happen to all my project cars but just some unfortunate incident happen.

Project Celica

There is nothing much happen to my Celica where it is just normal maintenance and just changing some wear and tear parts. However, there is one area that need my attention whereby there is a rusted small area under the window rubber at the driver side door and also those highlighted RED areas. Now I'm thinking where should I send my Celica for a make over and I'm thinking to get it done with Giallo Orion Mic 2CT (0056). 

Project Satria
There is also nothing much happen to my Satria as well but seem like it left at my parents' house and letting it to rot. I would like to rate 50 out of 100 for the condition of the car. Why I do so because the interior, especially the door panel and the seat leather are full of mold and the odor smell. For the exterior, the paint still in good condition but 4 of the tyres are totally hopeless. The plan is to send it back to Penang and has a complete make over (a full rebuild as well as respray the whole car). 

*** If you guys happen to know or have the contact of tow truck driver who willing to send my car from Ipoh to Penang, please drop me an email or message over here. 

Project Kancil
Unfortunately, my Kancil is not that fortunate compare both my Celica and Satria. The engine condition is still good but I'm afraid to say that almost all the parts are wearing down and need to be changed. Changing wear and tear parts is not a big deal but looking for parts really pain in the arse because there are not many parts available for JB-JL in my area. 

Let me list down what happen in the year of 2018: 
The air-conditioning stop working. Cost me RM800 to change the compressor and service the entire system. 

Battery "kong". Cost me RM240 to get a new one. 

Alternator not functioning. Causing my new battery "kong" again. Cost me RM500 to change a recond unit and routine engine oil maintenance. 


Park under the tree when I hit the gym room. Tree branches felt off  and causing a big dent at roof pillar. Not sure how much it will cost me to fix it but the plan is to send the car for a new paint. Most likely should be around RM2000 or around RM500 for only fixing the dent. See those RED areas which need to repaint.

Good news: Nothing happen. 

This is the latest "what happen" to my Kancil. A torn drive-shaft rubber boot causing a damaged drive-shaft. I already asked for a quote which will cost me about RM250 to fix. 

In short, I need to pay roughly RM400 per month to repair my Kancil. So let's stay tune what happen next... :P

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