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Project Kancil: SSR Type-C replica

It has been more than a year after my Kancil done the second engine conversion. Thus is time for me to write some updates after the car.

First of all, I changed a set of new rims in December last year. I was planning to get a set of 14x6JJ +38 offset rim initially. However after measuring with the exact rim on the car, it did not fit well due to the rim "poke" too much out from the wheel arch. End up I was forced to get the 14x5.5 +38 offset rim instead. It was all wrapped with Falken Sincera 832i which they still serve me pretty well until now. The total cost for the wheels was around RM1.2k if my memory serve me right.

Now I do have a set of extra rims (original Daihatsu Mira L200s 9 spokes) sitting in my store room and I do have a plan to send them to the wheel shop for refurbish. Will definitely refurbish back to the original form.

However, I'm still not sure what shall I do with them after the rims are back from refurbish. Might be selling them off if the price is right, or keeping them as a set of spare rims. What do you guys think?

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