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As a Malaysian, we all might know that the cheapest brand new car is Perodua Axia. Thanks to Malaysia second automotive company - Perodua, they set the price tag at a pretty affordable range which range from the lowest specification RM24.9K to the highest specification at RM42.9K. 

Due to the affordable price, you do not need an arm or leg to own it. Therefore it is pretty suitable for youngsters who just got their driving license and for those who just graduated from university and need a car to transport them from their home to their work place.

As you may know that Perodua always produce their cars based on their business partner - Daihatsu/Toyota. Perodua Kancil is based on Daihatsu Mira L200s, Perodua Kenari is based on Daihatsu Move and Perodua Myvi is based on Toyota Passon/Daihatsu Boon, just to name a few. Perodua Axia is not an exception case here, whereby it is based on Toyota Ayga/Daihatsu Ayla.

Unfortunately, Perodua Axia is still new in the market therefore there are not many JDM parts available unlike the rest of the models which you can easily purchase JDM parts from halfcut market. Here I would like to share a nicely done Toyota Agya from our neighbor country - Indonesia and hope this may give a little tips to our country Perodua Axia owners how to modify their cars. 

This car is owned by Kiki Anugraha who wants his car to be one of a kind. KikiAnugraha's Toyota Agya is the top of the of the range which is the TRD version. As one may notice, it is already equipped with TRD bodykit. This may not stop Kiki to modify his car and the next thing he did to his car is a set of  BBS CH 17 inch and wrapped with Accelera PHI 195/40/R17 rubbers.

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