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Project Kancil: Another Engine Transplant - Update 3

I managed to get my car back from P44 Autoworks last Thursday (30th June). Well, what I can say over here is P44 Autoworks done another round of good job yet again. Never expected that Gar and the rest managed to settle all the installation within a week plus. Do remember that it is in the fasting month and their shop full of customers' cars pending for service/engine transplant before Raya.

Tested my Kancil for few days and it runs smoothly. Electric power steering works perfectly and the rev meter works as expected. Nothing much I can complain about but just feel that the exterior paint job and the wheel are totally not match with the beautiful engine bay paint job.

During the installation, Gar contacted me whereby he was planning to send my car to do the exhaust work and I thought to myself since the existing exhaust system was already too "old" so I asked him to send my Kancil to install a full set of L2s spec exhaust system from front to rear end - including the exhaust tips. It cost me RM750 for the entire exhaust system and the piping size is 1.8 inch. 

For the interior, nothing much changes had been done to it but managed to change the aircon and the radio compartment area to walnut trim. Additional RM100 on top of the total bill. :P

What next?!
For now, I'm looking for a pretty good condition L5 chrome side mirror. Besides that, I'm struggling whether to go for a set of 14" 6JJ or 15" 6/6.5JJ sport rim. I'm pretty worry that if I go for the later spec, I can't clear the inner side between the wheel and the suspension. Furthermore, 15" 6/6JJ would probably require me to change bolt pattern to 4x100 because there are limited rim choices for 4x110. It will cost me RM250 for that according to Gar. :D

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Xixian said...

Hi Ben,My kancil is munual 660. For upgrading like this, how much the total cost? Tq

Samsun cilingir said...

Selam admin tenku web site super basarilarinizin devamini bekleriz

Unknown said...

Hey ben. May i ask, do you get the l2s exhaust from after-market or halfcut? And are those stainless steel? Can u give me the detail about the exhaust detail? Thank you :)

Ben said...

hi Xixian, the upgrade including full exhaust system is around RM4.5k.


Ben said...

hi Nazmi,

The L2s exhaust is aftermarket. Yes those are stainless steel.
The spec is exhaust same with the L2s original exhaust.


Anonymous said...

Hi ben is it possible install boost meter to single din area on l5 dashboard