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Project Kancil: Another Engine Transplant

Last weekend on 26 June 2016, finally I sent my Kancil to Gar- P44 Autoworks. After long discussion about what I want and the current issues:- EPS not working, drive shaft not in good condition and so on, Gar suggested me to get another halfcut (L6) since I can get a working EPS and also can sell off those unwanted parts to offset the halfcut price. 

After some thought, I took his advice and my daily drive need another engine transplant again. I opted not to drive from Bayan Lepas to Permatang Pauh which is around 30-40km away because of I worry about the engine will failed me on the way there. Thus, Gar sent his flatbed tow truck to my apartment and what I did just to wave bye bye to my Kancil. The fare is pretty reasonable which cost me around RM180. If you need this service please contact Gar for more detail information. :)

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