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Project Kancil: Another Engine Transplant - Update 1

Wow... very impressive and I never thought that it is done until this stage. Initially when I visit P44 Autoworks, Gar already told me that due to Raya/Puasa festival and there are a lot of cars waiting for service and engine transplant before Raya, there will be slightly delay for the car delivery. It is not a problem for me as I do not want to give extra stress to Gar and the rest. 

However, he updated the progress in his FB and instagram whereby the problematic engine was already out from the engine bay and what you see next is really impressive. 

Gar managed to remove the engine and all the necessary stuffs from the engine bay and got the engine bay paint work done. Last but not least, the team from P44 Autoworks managed to get back the stuffs in after the paint work is done. Well, all these done after just few days with their busy schedule. 

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Anonymous said...

how much it cost for the paint work of engine bay bro?

Ben said...


The cost is around RM250 but I got F.O.C from Gar due to engine installation package.