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Project Celica: Accident

Is my Celica turn now, as you may know from previous post; my Kancil turbo "kong" causing engine failure or vice versa. So the only transport I have is my Celica. Drove it for a month already because the incident happen. Unfortunately until one evening which I planned to send my car to have a car wash and accident happen...

Yup... my car got rear ended and thus I front ended the car in front of me. Well, very lucky that my rear bumper is from PU material. The only damaged was the scratches on the rear bumper and a small dent on the rear bonnet. However my front end did not survived the crash, which lead to front bumper crack.  

I did not take image for the rear end due to minor damage but I'm consider pretty lucky that it does not cause me a fortune to repair the bumper with paint. However what I understand from the repaint shop that the paint may not 100% match with my current paint color. This lead me to consider to have my car repaint but I still reluctant to do so due to my car still with original paint. Let's see what is the outcome after I send to the repaint shop. 

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