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Project Kancil: Heart Failure

It's been a while I updated my blog here. Well, May 2016 is not the month for me. Nothing worst than that ever. Firstly, my Kancil turbo "kong" can causing a lot of issue to the car. Secondly, I met an accident while driving my Celica. 

Since this post is for my Kancil, I will talk about what happen to my Kancil and leave my Celica's issue in the next coming post. At first, there was a sign showing the engine started to lack of power. Unfortunately I never took any action to fix it or find the actual root cause of it. Thing started to get worse until one day the engine surged and the turbine totally gave way. 

Thus forcing me to send my car to my mechanic and he diagnosed that the turbine did not provide enough boost to the engine. After he managed to dismantle the turbine, all of the debris from the air filter went into it causing it jammed. Unfortunately, my mechanic does not have the actual tools to change the turbine so he sent it to another shop named "CH One Exhaust". I will write a review of that shop later. 

Things do not work out as per planned. After received the car from the workshop, the engine does not really rev and totally lack of power. Sent back to my mechanic to check and found out that there was no compression on the 1st piston and only able to get compression after a few tests on the 3rd piston. On top of that, when driving my Kancil around; one will have the feeling of driving a bus with smoke coming out from the exhaust. Just the matter of, buses are way better when the drivers do not step on the gas pedal. 

As most of you understand, repairing a problematic engine may not 100% solve the issues. After a long thought in my mind, engine change will be best solution for this scenario. Therefore, I contacted Gar from P44 Autoworks (P44 Autoworks was the shop doing the conversion for my first engine) to source for the my Kancil next engine. Well, I still have not personally go over to his shop yet but after some conversation between me and Gar, he recommended me to go for JB-DET instead of JB-JL due to newer engine, bigger intercooler and earlier torque range compare to JB-JL engine. 

There are a lot of plans in my mind but mostly are those that I planned years ago. To list out some, auto flip side mirror, power window door panel and etc. Maybe if money is not an issue, I will repaint the entire car again. After all these, I need to ensure to myself that I need to maintain my Kancil to tip top condition at all cost. To be frank, I never really maintain well for this car and caused me damn regret right now. 

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