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Project Kancil: New Alarm upgrade for Project Kancil

From previous post here, there are some upgrades pending for project Kancil but at the moment I just wanted to upgraded those that is a must to me. Done replacing the blown HID bulb and now is time for the alarm system. I bought a flip key alarm system due to I already fed up with all the keys that hanging around with the alarm remote. With this flip key alarm system, I just need to carry a single alarm remote. :)

The alarm is with me right now and I will try to install it as soon as possible. I will try to upload the alarm system diagram and hopefully this will provide a reference for those who want to DIY to install an alarm system for their car. 

Some features of the alarm system include (Open/Close lock, Vibration sensor, Trunk release and etc) and come with all necessary items. Take a look closer at the alarm system after the jump.

PS: Do remind me if I forget to upload the alarm system wiring diagram.

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Moataz Fawzi said...

Hi, Could you please post the wiring diagram for the alarm system

Ben said...

Sure. I will post it out once I done drawing the diagram.

Unknown said...

post to me also

Hotai said...

Hi, please share the alarm wiring diagram if possible. Thank you

Anonymous said...

can you share the wiring diagram..tq

Anonymous said...

Yoooooooo.. Wheres the diagram. i wanna diy my own shit too bro. help a brother out. thanks