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Project Kancil: Major make over... 80% done

Decided to pay a visit to my Kancil and the engine is back to where it belongs. Changed all the hoses to silicone hoses and many more but still far from getting it done because there are some minor issues. Despite of those minor issues, we managed to start the engine and it ran perfectly without showing any bad symptom. Besides that, I'm looking to get some extra stuffs to enhance the performance and also the look of my Kancil.

Let me list down what are those minor issues: -
1. RPM meter is not working properly. (Well I faced this even before I sent to my Kancil for a total make over)
2, The passenger side HID bulb is blown.
3. Alarm wiring was not installed when the time I got the JBJL transplanted to my Kancil.
4. Aircond system is working but entire system is pretty dirty according to my mechanic.
5. The EPS is not working. Still trying to figure out which component is giving us the problem, EPS management, motor sensor, speed sensor? 

Changing the drive shaft joint. 

To reduce cost and the disc is still thick, my mechanic recommended me to skim the disc instead of getting new set. Here is the image of the disc after skimmed.

Engine is back to the engine bay.

The wish lists (priority from Top to Bottom): - 
1. New alarm system because I do not have one now and I do not want to use back Perodua alarm system. 
2. HID system replacement. Luckily I bought extra set and kept it as backup.
3. New headlamp. Planned to change this for some time back but keep on delaying the plan. Still thinking whether to get those Perodua plastic headlamp or those after market crystal headlamp. 
3. Tinted. The current tint film started to fade off and with our hot weather, new tint film is a must.
4. Adjustable side mirror. Still saving up to get this though but is not urgent. 
5. De-cat. Is time for me to remove the catalytic of m exhaust system to provide a little bit more hp. 
6. New intake piping. Found out that the intake hose had a hole on it due to poor welding previously done by the workshop in Ipoh. 
7. New rims. A set of new 14/15 rim. 13" good performance tyre is pretty hard to find.

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