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Bad news on both of the Project Celica and Project Kancil

Hi guys,

Its been months that I updated this blog and I'm officially back to update this blog but unfortunately with some bad news. 

First of all, is my Kancil where the CEL (Check Engine Light) kept constantly ON. After checking on it, the error code was 18 which was due to knock sensor error. I sent it to my mechanic and found out that the wiring which connected between the battery and alternator had melted and at the same time it melted the knock sensor wiring too. Besides that, there is major oil leak issue where it caused me to refill it every week. Once my mechanic had removed the engine from the car, found out a lot of worn parts which needed to be replaced. For example, valve seal, oil seal, vacuum hose, radiator hose, brake pump (not strong enough), brake disc (not even anymore). With all these worn parts, I decided to rebuild the engine. I will try to update about the progress.

Second problem I faced is my Celica where I hoped it is not as serious as my Kancil. The problem is when I try to hit the lift, the engine will jerk. I hope this is due to worn lift bolt, VVTL OCV (Oil Control Valve) and engine oil. If not I will plan to have a major overhaul as the engine is already more than 100k KM mileage on it. Then the exhaust had metal rattling noise which I hope this is due to worn fiber in the exhaust. Last problem of my Celica is something cosmetic which I scratched my Celica wheel. For now, I had no plan to fix it and may be will install rim protector to all wheels to avoid this kind of incident happen again in the future. Oh... by the way, the alarm controller is not working perfectly and I will try to replace it once I send my Celica to my mechanic. 

Kancil L5 engine out from the engine bay.

Look at the wiring. It melted seriously and I was lucky that it did not create spark and caused fire to the car.

My Celica wheel. Sigh... No more perfect wheel and I can only blame myself because of my carelessness.

I will post the exhaust noise when I'm free to capture it. Meanwhile, wifey's Vios is our daily commute. Sigh...

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Anonymous said...

Hi Ben,

May I know the location of your mechanic? is it P44?


Ben said...


Not P44 due to it is too far from where I stay now. My mech is from Batu Maung, IPIN auto. By the way, P44 is a good workshop.