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Useful apps for car owners

Useful apps for car owners Smartphones are changing the way we do things every day. We use them to watch our favorite shows, play games, check on our friends via social media, and seek help when we need something done while driving. Almost everyone in the world right now has a smartphone, which is why computer developers are focusing most of their efforts in creating apps instead of desktop software. According to the company that manages the entertainment site Pocket Fruity, the mobile platform is clearly ahead of consoles, and tablets are clearly making good progress in the world of computing. The huge number of smartphone developers is the very reason why people can find an app for almost anything. Do you need to check your car’s performance, find a parking area, or help in keeping yourself awake while driving? Read on as we give you some of the most useful apps that you can take with you on the road.

Dynolicious Classic Dynolicious Classic is a nice little app for those who want to keep themselves in the loop with their car’s performance. It uses the iPhone’s accelerometer to measure the vehicle’s speed, horsepower, and many others. It also detects any modification that car owners did with their car. Those who need help in interpreting the results of their car’s performance can share their vehicle’s information with other Dynolicious Classic users. The app is available for iOS users and costs $9.99.

Anti Sleep Pilot People should never drive when they’re sleepy but sometimes, drowsiness strikes in the most unusual of places. Drivers who need to keep driving even when they’re tired should have this app on their phone. What it does is it calculates a person’s exhaustion level and reaction times based on a series of tests. The app plays sounds from time to time, and buttons that drivers need to press, in order to maintain the driver’s alertness.  

iCarPark This app is very useful for drivers who always forget where they parked their car. iCarPark can detect vehicles, even if a driver is parked in a multi-storey area. All drivers need to do is log in their location before leaving the car and the app will help them get back to it anytime. iCarPark is available for iPhone users for $0.99.

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