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Project Kancil: Headlamp Restoration

Chinese New Year is around the corner and as usual is time for me to clean and detail my cars. Recently I read some of headlamp restoration articles and it is a good opportunity for me to work on my Kancil headlamp because while detailing on my Kancil, I noticed that the headlamp is in very bad condition. 

One may ask why not to get a new headlamp where it is only cost around RM250 for a normal glass headlamp and around RM280 for a smoke glass headlamp or best option is to get the original Daihatsu Mira L200s smoke headlamp which cost RM500+-. RM500 for a used headlamp is way out of my mind but the OEM Kancil headlamp is always in my mind. However I talked to myself why not DIY to restore the headlamp since it is so cheap to get an OEM replacement Kancil headlamp even if I screw up later during the restoration process.

Material Needed:

1. Sandpaper: 600, 1000 and 1500 grit
2. Clear code paint

The steps are pretty straight forward. First, one need to wet their headlamp then sand the headlamp from 600 -> 1000 -> 1500. Once done, wash the headlamp and redo the first step again if the result is not satisfied. After that dry the headlamp by using cloth and dryer. *Need to make sure the headlamp is totally dry before apply clear coat to it. Then spray the clear coat paint evenly to the headlamp and wait for it to dry off. Be caution that once you spray the clear coat to the headlamp, it will looks a bit cloudy but eventually it will look better once it is completely dry. Below are the images from my headlamp restoration. Enjoy...

Start to sand the headlamp by using 600, 1000, and 1500 grit.

After sanded, washed and dried.

Prepare to spray.

After clear coat dried off and it look superb to me. Although not 100% back to brand new condition but it looks way better.

Compare both the headlamp. Right is done and left side is still pending for restoration.

Zoom in view for both headlamp after restoration. How it looks, please leave your comment below. 


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