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Project Kancil: DIY Clean Aircond Blower (JBJL Mira L502s)

If you happen to notice that the air flow is weak from your aircond and weird smell, it is most probably that your aircond blower is dirty and is time for you to clean it up. Unfortunately there is no aircond filter for the Mira L5 so the aircond blower will easily get dirty and this happen to my Kancil as well. 

There is not necessary to send your car to a workshop to clean the blower. You may DIY it at home to save up some money because it is pretty easy whereby you just need to unscrew 3 screws to remove the blower from the aircond system. The blower of Mira L5 is located at the driver side, some vehicles might be at the passenger side.

Once you able to locate the blower, unplug the socket and 3 screws and you able to remove the blower. The blower is attached to the aircond system by 3 8mm size screws which you can open it by using a spanner or screw driver. For my case, I'm using a screw driver. 

Here is the blower from Mira L5 and there are 3 screws attached to it. Try to wash it with soap water and use a brush to clean the blower vents. (I'm lazy to remove the motor but it is recommended to do.)

Once done, attach back the blower to the aircond system and you are good to go (the blower must in dry condition). You will feel that the air flow is way stronger than before and enjoy your cool aircond under the hot sun.

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