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Project Celica: Finally the Shoes are ON! (Update Images)


Finally I am able to squeeze out some times to share the update of my Celica while I am enjoying a week holiday for this Chinese New Year. As you may know that I bought a set of new rims a long time ago but I had totally no time to fit them in. My rim comes in 2 different specifications. 18x9 ET30 for the front and 18x9 ET20 for the rear. Let me explain why 2 different offsets in the first place. As you might not know that the rear of the Celica will sunk a little if running on same offset with the front. So this drive me to get a different offset for the rear to avoid this. The stock rims measured at 16x6.5 ET39 all around.

The rims are wrapped with Achilles ATR-Sport with 225/40/R18 specification. Although this is not the correct size for a 9 inch width rim but consider the current trend of flush style, tyre stretching and my budget, this is the best I could afford. By the way, the tyres are cheap for size 18 inch which I bought it at RM285 each. Maybe this is not the cheapest in the market but it is the best bang for the buck. 

However after I installed the rims, my car height clearance is lifted about an inch and the gap between the wheel and the fender is roughly around 2 inches. In conclusion, I need to lower it maybe around an inch all round. Thus, next item in my mind is either an adjustable suspension or a set of sport spring. By the way, the new wheels do not affect my Celica's performance much but I need more power as well. Stay tune and let's see what can I do to it.

I will try to update some close up images to show how much wider those rims are. 

Update Images

The ride is pretty high now. When I drive it, it gives me the feel of driving a 4x4 truck. lol...

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