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Project Kancil: Radiator replacement

Sometimes I dream that is it possible to have 25 hours per day instead of 24 hours. This additional 1 hour would possibly allow me to update this blog and reply to all the comments and emails.  So I would like to take this opportunity to apologize to those who comment and mail for late response. 

Previous post I mentioned about rusty stain around the the radiator here, unfortunately what I suspected was correct. As usual needed to source for a replacement and at first I thought to replace it with a full aluminum radiator but what mostly in the market were for manual transmission. Thus gave up and straight away gave my dad a.k.a "my personal runner" to source for me in Ipoh. While waiting for my dad good news, I had to use epoxy to temporary fill up the leaking spot. Luckily without much afford he was able to get me a used aluminum unit with only RM150.

The installation was pretty straight forward. One just needed to dismantle all the hoses that connected to the radiator, release all the water by removing the stopper and 2 screws on top of the radiator. Too bad after I installed everything back, I realized that I should get myself a set of radiator silicone hose to replace the existing hose as I believed they will wear out pretty soon. Well, need to get my hand dirty again once my silicone hose arrive to my door step. 

Let's talk about what cause the radiator leak so badly at the top area. Before I tried to remove the radiator off, I did a  inspection of the cause around the engine bay. I noticed that the plastic area on top of the radiator was hitting the front engine bay bar. So this is the culprit of causing the radiator leakage and guys please beware and you might face this problem as well too.

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Mr P. said...

Hi Ben, excellent website, your projects are very helpful and interesting.
May I ask if you know what Radiators would fit a JB-JL? Thx :)

Ben said...

Hi Mr.P,
May I know you are refering to Auto or Manual JB-JL?