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Project Kancil: Changing Front Brake Pads for JBJL (L5)

The brake pads were changed when I did my L5 engine conversion and the pads served me well in this 4 years of time. The wear of the pads were terrible and the right pad was already wore till the metal and started to make noise when I stepped on the brake pedal. Fortunately the brake disc is still in good shape even though being tortured by the wore out brake pads for almost a week.

I got them replaced by the new brake pads and the process of changing brake pads ain't troublesome. The tools that you needed were spanner, screw driver and a brake piston reset kit. Let's start the D.I.Y process after the jump.

First of all, remove your wheel. Then remove either one of the bolt as show in the below image. Remove the wore out brake pads and slot in the new set. Before you tighten the bolt, reset the brake piston back to original position. Put everything back in place and you are done. Thus by doing this, you may save up RM10 - RM30 and enjoy the process of D.I.Y. 

By the way, here are the wore brake pads. You can see how bad is the condition.

Before I end this post, I bought a few sets of the brake pads for spare. If you are facing difficulty to source one, you may reach me for one with reasonable price.

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0146195607 if you have another sets let me know.thanks