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Project Kancil: Faulty Alternator

Seriously is it the time for me to pass on this project car? Or continue to hang on with it? After resurrect from a spoiled turbo problem and the engine won't crank or start after a few days of service. Borrowed a multimeter from a friend and measured the battery by connecting the meter to the posts of the battery. Red on positive post, black on the negative post. With the engine idling, it should be reading between 13.6 to 14.3 volts. However for my case it was around 12 volts and started to drop to 10 volts after turned on the headlight. Thus with this result, I can assured that the alternator need to be replaced. 

Another quick method to test whether the alternator is working or not without using the multimeter is to disconnect the battery negative post. If the engine stop running, it means that the alternator is faulty. 

After knowing the root cause, it is time to source for a replacement. Searching for the replacement is really pain in the arse but still able to locate a recondition unit and it costs me RM170 and RM25 for the installation fee. I kept the faulty unit and will soon send to recondition it so that in the future there is no sourcing needed. I believed it should be a quick recondition by just changing the a new set of brushes and clean up the commutator (the copper rings that the brushes ride on.

If you can't find a good condition JBJL/L5 alternator, there is an alternative solution whereby you can modify a Kelisa/Kenari alternator to your car. I had asked around for the price though but it cost a bomb and some modification needed to be done on the bracket. Here is the price list for your reference if you wish to change to Kelisa/Kenari alternator. By the way, the price may vary from different location. 

1. Kelisa/Kenari alternator RM300
2. Bracket modification RM150-200
3. Belt RM100
4. Installtion fees RM100

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Anonymous said...

Mind to share where you buy the alternator?

Ben said...


As usual, bought it in Ipoh "Kong Shin". It located just after the roundabout in Menglembu.