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Project Kancil: Is Back In Action

Missing in action for months and finally it is back in action again. What I did to it was just replace the jammed turbo with a similar model and added some performance parts to it. It was a nightmare to get a used turbo around in Ipoh halfcut shops. Either the shops do not carry the unit itself or it cost way a lot more for a good unit compare to the market price. 

After months of hunting around, finally my dad able to get me a used unit which cost me about RM350 which I understand that you may get it cheaper somewhere in KL areas. Before fixing it, I sourced a stainless steel intake pipe to couple along with the new turbo unit from a seller who actively involve in Kcarlife facebook. Hope with this, there will be no sand or what so ever to enter the turbo inlet and jam it.

Earlier I did mentioned about some performance parts and those were the open pod air filter and HKS SSQV 3 blow off valve. At first there was no plan to install this but my dad is too generous and helped me to upgrade these parts as well.

The total cost fetched to RM810, which the turbo (used) itself cost me RM350, the SSQV (used) cost me RM200, stainless steel piping RM110 and installation + filter + SSQV mounting bracket modification RM150. Hope after spending this amount of money, the car will serve me well.

By the way, noticed that there is rust stain at the top of the radiator. I suspected that there is leakage somewhere at the top of the radiator. Thus very soon it will need to be replaced.

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