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International Automotive News: Porsche Cayman GT3/GT4 under consideration

A spy photo which caught this Cayman mule around on the road in Germany. In a glance we can see that this isn't any Cayman we know off previously. This Cayman is unlike with the GTS, the front splitter wraps around all the way to the wheels, there's a scoop or vent on the top of the front bumper cap, and there's the massive rear wing whose shape loosely resembles that of a 911 GT3. Underneath that wing, there's a revised duck tail spoiler. It's lower than a normal Cayman, and it has larger brakes. With the chief engineer of the all-new 991-generation Porsche 911 GT3 has confirmed that producing a hardcore, GT3-style version of the mid-engined Cayman is “under discussion”. This might be the all new Cayman GT3/GT4. Let's stay tune and wait for more information leak from Porsche.

Source: KGP Photography

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Brakes Hamilton said...

It's not a fake pic, nice catch! They didn't go too far from GT3 design though...