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Project Kancil: JB-JL decided to become a NA engine

What a bad Chinese New Year I had this year. Planned to drive my Celica back to Penang so went back to Ipoh last week with my Kancil. Previously I blog about the silicone intake piping that I bought to replace my Kancil's bad condition intake pipe but due to my laziness and there is nothing bad happen that caused by the piping thus far, so I assume that the pipe is still good to go and still have not install the new pipe yet until now. 

Because of my laziness and assumption; it caused me to pay for it. Why I said so? This was because my Kancil's turbo "kong" a.k.a stop spinning during the journey back to my hometown. To be exacted, it happen some where after Cangkat Jering, Taiping. Unfortunately, I had no choice but to continue driving the car back and kept my finger cross hoping there is no debris from the turbo enter to the engine. 

Once I reached Ipoh, I quickly dismantled everything to inspect the turbo. I was hoping that my guessing was wrong but with no luck, I was right; the turbo jammed. Sigh...

Currently still looking for the turbo replacement around Penang area. If you have one to sell, please contact me. Thanks in advanced.


Anonymous said...

What a bad are u planning to change to an oem turbo or to a bigger turbo?

Ben said...


Should be OEM as I'm super duper lazy to fabricate the exhaust manifold. LOL