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Car Info: SURBO !? Works or Not?

I understand that this Surbo product is already been discussed for many years, but is this really works or just something that does not worth the money to invest? So what is Surbo actually? The Surbo is a cross-jetting air pressure vortex generator that is assisted by engine brake regeneration (conversion of engine braking to forward momentum). In other words, the Surbo is an air pump.

Let's discuss further about this little thingy that claimed by the company which able to increase horsepower and improve fuel consumption. First of all, this product claimed that it will improve the air pressure vortex that enter to your throttle body. So based on this theory, it will allow more air to your engine combustion area; more air + fuel = more power.

However air is being suck into the combustion area for NA engine. This is depends on the vacuum created during the piston moving down. What I want to say here is no matter how good this Surbo product is, the air is still depends on the suction of the engine. For instant, an engine's combustion area is only allow 10 volume then it will max suck in that 10 volume air into it. On the other side, Turbo/Supercharged is different story. Both of these are force feed air into the combustion area, which might be 20 volume of air into the same combustion area. Thus you will see how explosive of a Turbo/Supercharged engine is. 

At the end of the day, if this product really works I believe all of the car companies will adopt this so called air pressure vortex generator to their cars. VTEC/VVTLi or some other VVL engines will definitely out of production whereby these engines are designed to be high compression engines which allow more air to be sucked into the combustion area. And of cause Turbo/Supercharged engines will be obsoleted due to the power increase and fuel consumption improvement of this product. 

Last but not least, if you really want to give it a try; please request a dyno info from the seller/dealer to check is there any improvement after installing it.

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Anonymous said...

u rite ben SURBO is BULLSHIT!!!

Anonymous said...

From engineering point of view, this SURBO thing applies Bernoulli principles & Helmholtz resonance where creating vortex/swirl to air flow will decrease air velocity thus slight increase in air pressure of the flow. The swirl will give more efficient fuel mixture. Higher pressure means increased O2 contents. There will be improvement in power and fuel consumption by small margin. However, the advantages of this vortex generator up to the point where it can simulate turbocharger is bullshit. If it were to be cheaper, I'll install it. And one more thing, car manufacturers do apply this principle through variable length intake manifold system.

Anonymous said...

well SURBO is bullshit. You can apply the principle in the intake manifold system, such as Mitsubishi with its MVV technology, but not in the air intake before the throttle body like SURBOshit does.