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Project Kancil: Boost Meter Spoiled

After 2 years of service and abused by me, finally the boost meter had stopped working. So it is time for me to find a replacement for it and now I still wondering which brand suit me the best. Due to the engine and turbo system has left from it original form, there is no necessary for me to get a bigger scale boost meter as the max reading from the turbo pressure will probably read at 0.6 to 0.7 bar. The main concern for me now is to get a reliable yet able to provide me accurate reading. Thus it will definitely not a replica model as before and if possible a mechanical model instead of electrical model.

There are several brands in my mind currently, Apexi, HKS, Pivot, Sard, Omori. Apexi is the only brand I had used before thus do not know how the other brands work. Anyway a new or used is not a problem for me as long as it is reliable and accuracy. Still considering between DIY it or spend some money for installation as I'm quite busy recently due to heavy workload and monitoring my house renovation progress. 

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