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International Automotive News: Gallardo successor- Cabrera

Finally Lamborgini had decided to replace the long living Gallardo with a new car called the Cabrera.We have seen this ‘Cabrera’ on the net a couple of times, but never really had a clear view of what the final product might look like. But the Cabrera once again hit the tarmac and this time, we are having a better idea of the Bull’s overall look.

Some spy shots during testing on the Nurburgring, the Cabrera seems to be taking the design cues from the Aventador. Aimed to fill the entry-level slot in Lamborghini’s line-up, the Cabrera is said to be equipped with a upgraded version of the current Gallardo 5.2L V10 engine. With the power being pumped up to 600-horsepower, it might bear the LP 600-4 tag.

Like most basic Lamborghinis, all-wheel drive will surely be coming as standard. But the most anticipated change is probably the one done to the car’s mechanical configuration, where the e-gear automated manual might be swapped with a modern seven-speed dual clutch transmission.

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