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Car Detailing: 2012 Toyota ViosTRD Sportivo Quick Detail

This car is been with her almost a year and even since she never really take good care of it beside taking it to the car wash. Scratches started to build up all over the car, especially from the car door handle. This might due to finger nail and also the from keys.

Does not have much time for detailing during this holiday hence I only managed to have a quick detailing just to remove those scratches from door handle. Hopefully you guys may bare with me that this is not a full detail or any professional job. This is just to remove those annoying scratches only.

Started begin with scratches around the door handles. I tried to polish it by using soft99 as what I used previously to detail my cars.

Result shown pretty promising. Job done... (Images taken for the driver door handle only). Will try to have a full detail once I have some spare time.

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