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Celica Club Malaysia: Scammer stealing information from CCM. PLEASE AWARE!!!

Recently there are a lot of scammers around who keep stealing others information and pretend those are theirs. The previous post I posted that my Kancil's images being stolen and used for his car selling advertisement. Now here is a even worse case that one of the member from Celica Club Malaysia (CCM) car register number being used by a scammer. Hence over here I would like to share out some information and images to show the scammer's car and the owner's car. If you able to locate the scammer please help to make a report to the police.

There are more images of the scammer's car after the jump. Most recent the scammer's car had met an accident. It might be having another design/bodykit after the car being repaired.

Source: CCM
Photo: Credit to the respective owners

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