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Project Kancil: Interior update Part 1

From the previous post, you may noticed that I got a set of rim for my project Celica and now I got update for my project Kancil as well.  To cut thing short, I got myself a Daihatsu Mira L5 black trim dashboard a couple weeks ago. To be honest this upgrade may not necessary to most of us but I really can't resists to the price offer for this item. 

Thus during this holiday weekend, I got my hand dirty to install the dashboard. Thing went pretty smooth as there is no wiring needed to be worried. I just removed the old grey trim dashboard and replaced it with the black one. I used back the red wording dash meter instead of went for the white wording meter came along with the dashboard. It took me nearly 3 hours to get everything intact but at the end of the day, I felt satisfy with the new interior. So the next thing is to get myself a Daihatsu Mira L5 dashboard tray with cup holder and a set of pillar cover since my Kancil does not have it.

Here are the pictures of the black dashboard. I cut off all the available socket holes at the right side for the rear wiper, fog lamp, demister switch. Besides that, I cut a hole for the side mirror switch as well for future usage. This will ease my side mirror installation for the near future.

And here is the previous grey dashboard which you might noticed that this picture was taken from the day I installed L5 dashboard. (Sorry does not have the latest grey dashboard picture... Sigh...)

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