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Project Kancil: Image Is Stolen By Someone... Sigh...

Browsing the local online marketplace the other day and I found out my Kancil's photo is on the car marketplace ads. At first I thought that my car was being sold without my notice and only realized later that a seller used it as his car photo. Seriously I'm very appreciated that the seller picked my Kancil's photo to represent his car but can you please notify me or get permission from me in order to post up my Kancil's photo. Besides that, my photo's watermark was being removed by the seller as well. 

To the seller a.k.a  (azahar: ), if you are sincere to sell off your car, please take a photo of your car and post on the ads. Taking other people's car photo is not the correct way to sell off your property. Besides that, please notify me of using my Kancil's photo or as least do not remove the watermark. So I did some further study about the rules of the site, the site stated that it is not allow to use images without others' consent. Obviously this seller is already violate the rules. With no further delay, I already made a report to the admin of the site regarding this. Some might be thinking do I need to take this seriously? Let's agree to disagree. Whatever I did is just to protect myself. Below are my Kancil's photo with the seller's ads and I print screen it as well with my original Kancil's photo. Oh, before I forget, from now onwards I will place the watermark in the middle of my photos. 

Here is the link to the ad. And below are the print screen images as well as my original photos.

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arewan said...

bos~...nowadays scammer used other ppl car to scam ppl...they will ask for deposit 1st to see the car..then they never show friend kena 1 time..

Ben said...

Hi Arewan,

Yes. This is what I worry about. Worry that the buyer thought that I'm the scammer.